Battle of Life  
Caleb Taylor Music
Caleb Taylor is a multi-talented international musician, singer and songwriter, originally from the UK and now based in Canada. His soulful style, his faith and passion for music is evident throughout his work.

He has a positive style of writing and likes to keep his music relevant and meaningful. People get addicted to his catchy hooks and his rhythmic flow.

Caleb can be found playing his music all over the world in various venues and his aim is to bless as many people as he can with his God-given gift, whilst sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Caleb’s debut album Battle of Life has proven to be a success and is now reaching ears worldwide. He is happy to play his music no matter what the venue, whether it is busking on the streets or playing big stages. His joy comes from playing his music live and says, “If the music’s in you, it’s got to come out of you”.




Since 2013 Caleb has got married to his beautiful wife Melissa and they have been blessed with two wonderful children Elijah and Naya.

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